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Couples Counseling Owasso

When our loving relationships are adversely affected, every aspect of our life can become impaired . When our relationships are healthy and doing well, however, all of life can be beautiful and fulfilling. Whether you are newlyweds wanting to establish a strong foundation in positive communication, a couple trapped in unhealthy disputes, or a couple in severe distress, we will work with both partners to establish more effective/empathetic communication and work with each of you to gain a deeper connection and understanding of your partner’s needs.

Our aim is to help couples develop deeper levels of affection, healthier conversation, and a stronger spiritual connection.

Romantic relationships are the strongest and most consequential sources of support, affection and faith that two people will encounter in their lifetimes. When couples become emotionally distant; betrayal, hurt, separation, and unfaithfulness can begin to define the relationship. Sundance Counseling Services believes that a healthy relationship is the foundation from which the beauty of life can be fully realized. Through loving relationships we may develop and expand all other aspects of our lives; parenting, personal goals, hopes and dreams, occupation, innovation and relations to friends and family.

Sundance Counseling Services will provide carefully focused therapy and will aid couples to build their relationships back to a much more satisfying level. We will help couples overcome wounds, and find ways to cope during the healing process. We will gain an understanding of the individuality of the people we are working with, so that we may reveal the interpersonal dynamics of the couple and how their personal attributes are impacting the relationship. We look forward to hearing about the dreams you have with your partner and how Sundance can best assist you in attaining those dreams. 


One of the most common issues we see in our counseling sessions with couples is difficulty with healthy communication and a lack of perspective taking. Oftentimes, couples get into a negative pattern of communication that hinders intimacy and the ability to connect.  One area we focus on is strengthening the bond between partners and getting them out of harmful cycles of negative communication. 

No matter the issue, we believe it is often the “way” in which couples negotiate with each other that can have a harmful impact on their relationship. Our therapists will assist you in identifying how to effectively communicate your relational needs in ways your partner can both understand and appreciate. 

Once a couple becomes aware of their negative patterns of behavior,  and learn to communicate in a more sensible manner, new patterns of bonding take place. Negative patterns of behavior are replaced with positive methods of relating to one another. These positive changes eventually become automatic and create everlasting change for a loving marriage.

Past relationships can, at times, impact the love you long for and desire between your partner and yourself. It is necessary to understand how your history can leave impact your current relationship. We use evidence-based therapeutic techniques to assist you in healing from any problems from that may have arisen from previous marriages and/or other relationships. 

Couples look for counseling for many reasons, some are presently in a crisis, while others are expecting to be bold in maintaining or establishing a worthy partnership. There are times when trust is shattered, feelings are hurt, the sexual connection is lost and the future of the relationship or marriage appears dire. Our therapists can help improve communication with your partner more productively, learn how to cope with and abate disputes, recover affection and generate the loving partnership that you hope for and deserve.