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Individual Counseling Owasso

You have the ability to form enduring, life altering changes which will establish the most authentic and congruent version of your self. This version is immutable and some may say “eternal”- all that you are and everything you can become. 
Individual therapy can bring about significant insights that can lead one to a greater understanding of their self and the world around them. In one-on-one sessions, along with your specialist you may investigate the contemplations, feelings, and behaviors directing your life in ways you may have never considered. With new understandings come an abundance of new ideas, options, and choices that can be made to enhance and improve the overall quality of your life. 
The intercession of counseling allows people to investigate their sentiments, desires, convictions, motivations, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. The work of therapy begins when the individual, along with guidance from his/her therapist, challenges powerful recollections, distinguishes viewpoints, or perceptions of life from the revelation of God’s truth. Sundance Counseling Services believes in the revelation of the individual, as ordained by God, what we term, “Self-Actualization”. It is the belief of Sundance Counseling Services that people have an innate struggle between two polarizing forces (Good and Evil) that complicate the individual and keep him/her from attaining one’s true identity as an “actualized” person. Many clients that we have worked with in Owasso and surrounding areas claim to have heard the call to be “Christ-like”, but have either lacked the tools to help them attain this desired state, or have been through such difficult experiences that prevent them from being able to function at a level that would allow for the intercession of the Holy Spirit. 
Treatment will provide assistance for clients to help them overcome barriers to their well-being. Services will likely bring about positive sentiments, such as sympathy and increased self-esteem. Clients will also learn how to deal with troublesome circumstances, make sound decisions, and resolve conflict. Clients who are willing to engage in therapy for 10-20 sessions, often experience the most effective outcome, healing, and growth.  People may debate within themselves about the severity of their symptoms and whether or not those symptoms warrant counseling. The need for therapeutic intervention is stronger now than it has ever been. No matter how big or small your difficulties may seem, deciding to address the struggles a person faces, is the greatest and most important decision a person can make.
Problem areas create negative contemplations, sentiments, behaviors, and sometimes even torment and fatigue. It is critical not to refuse therapeutic intervention when you begin to feel and/or think in a maladaptive manner. The best time to begin treatment is before symptoms worsen to the point where counseling is a forgone conclusion. Sundance counseling services will work with every client In Owasso and surrounding areas to deliver evidenced-based, best practice services to all clients.