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Family Counseling Owasso

Individual psychotherapy is strongly connected to the overall wellbeing of the family. We provide families with necessary individual sessions in addition to family meetings to collaborate on individual progress as well as improving the functionality of the family as a whole. No information that is shared in the individual sessions will be provided to the family unless the client is willing to share said information. 

Family dynamics are complex. They are continuously changing, moment-to-moment and day-to-day. At times, it can be exhausting to find peace and resolution among family members. Families may come across a challenge due to a new addition to the family, the loss of a loved one, a divorce, illness or something else entirely. Blended families can also pose a challenge to one’s mental health, as well as the overall wellness of the family. The intervention of a qualified counselor, with a comprehensive understanding of Family Systems Theory can help improve the functionality of the family system and the overall wellness of each individual in the family. 

Engagement in the counseling process requires time, effort and a willingness to alter the way you see yourself and other members of your family. Sundance Counseling Services is willing to guide you toward a better way of relating to all members of the family.  

Sundance Counseling Services will help families understand how their relationships influence the family’s overall wellbeing. Individual reactions from family members affect everything from crucial life affairs to daily living chores. 

Our clients typically reach out to us for help due to difficulty managing their reactions to others. Other times people need help with a members whom often cause lead them to feeling annoyed, gloomy or concerned about something serious. No matter what phase of life your family is passing through, therapy is the best choice you can make to help everyone work better together. 


Sundance Counseling Services has helped many families from a wide range of backgrounds. We also treat people with a range of psychological and behavioral issues spanning diagnostic criteria— from early childhood into later adulthood.

Our treatment starts with establishing a custom treatment plan with goals and objectives for your family.

Sundance Counseling Services is committed to helping each family member identify their strengths and limitations, and by doing so we will gain an understanding of how to correct problematic interactions. We look forward to working with each of you!